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NICEIC Approved Electricians with 26 years experience in residential, Commercial and Industrial work. We Cover all areas of London, Hertfordshire and Essex. 


We offer a wide range of Industrial services such as:


Inspection & Testing Procedures

Fault Diagnosis and then Rectification

Installation Design

Installation of Ryfield Fuse Boards 

Energy Saving LED Design and Implementation

CCTV Security Systems 

Alarm Security Systems 

Radio Based Smoke and Heat Detectors 

All three Phase Systems 

All Panel Heating Installations 

Installation of LED Batons 

LED Daylight Celling panels 

Sensor Lighting for Public Restrooms 

All Emergency Lighting 

All Conduit and Tray Systems 

Supply for Air Condition Units 

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To speak to one of our consultants about the services offered by KCM Installations or to arrange a meeting, please contact us:


T: 07970 254 990 

E: admin@kcminstallations.com

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